In the Shadow of Adversity

I have been silent for a couple of weeks – not posting to this blog, not wanting to post anywhere.

My “vacation” is not because I have abjured writing. Seldom does a day go by when I do not write. Writing helps me focus.

Lately, however, I haven’t wanted to focus. I have refrained from writing because I can’t put into words my despair for the world, my overwhelming sense of helplessness.

I am not a romantic. I believe that a disparity of parity has existed among humans since those beings first came into existence. Oppression. Prejudice. Violence. This is the stuff of our history.

However, despite history (and probably despite all logic), I believed in the ultimate goodness of human beings. I refused to fall victim to the notion that our future will be dark, that people will continue to carry on as they have for millennia – hating and oppressing and harming. I wouldn’t listen to dystopian seers who predict a future where humans have evolved technologically but not emotionally.

I believed that Homo Sapiens could and would eventually reject hatred, superstition, and ignorance in favor of rejoicing in the diversity and grace of each race, gender, culture, and religion.

This past few weeks, my hopes for such a future have diminished. The world’s headlines have, at last, painted a picture of darkness I have yet to dispel. Terrorists. Disenfranchised shooters on both sides of the law. Armed zealots who have brought their particular brand of hatred and fear into my living room.

No good can come of this.



About Lori Hart Beninger

Lori Hart Beninger is a native California writer with three critically acclaimed historical novels (Embracing the Elephant, A Veil of Fog and Flames, and A Peculiar Peace) that follow two 19th century young adults as they struggle with survival and acceptance in the pivotal era of the California Gold Rush up to the American Civil War. Please visit for synopses, availability, reviews, and more.
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